Changing The Way I Look At Love

I have allowed myself to have my heart broken in the same way over and over again for years. You may say there’s a pattern but I will defend myself for a while before I actually agree with you. I have the same excuses too: “They were different people.” “People outgrow each other.” “Priorities change. […]

Terrible Weeks Call For Terrible Writing

I have had a terrible week. It was a shitstorm of injuries, adult responsibilities and realising how much distance is just not something I will ever be ready for. I woke up this morning, my eyes swollen from lack of sleep and excessive crying and looked at myself in the mirror. There is a slight […]

Saturday Mornings with Nice Guys

On Saturdays, and especially Saturdays like the last one, I have an immense hatred for the universe. I might have woken up on the right side of the bed to realise that probably being on the wrong side of the bed would have been a better option. If that confuses you, you should have seen the […]

This week, my best friend asked me the strangest question in passing. “What is that feeling? You know, the one between a crush and realising you’re really falling for someone?” I remembered this song by one of my favourite bands. I am sure most of you have heard it, but won’t remember this line – “Fear […]

Two of A Sunshine

Being in a new place means making new friends to share the experience of being new to someplace. There are things you have not seen before, places you haven’t been, corners you haven’t explored, things you haven’t tasted and people you haven’t met. Then, you come across someone you think you’ve known forever. Someone you’ve […]


Today, good Lord in heaven, today. Today was not a special day, to say the least. I love you and I know you so well I could know with my eyes closed that you’re around… if you ever could be. If you ever could be around, I would hold you down with words and hands. […]