I entered the year not knowing what I wanted to do with it. Only that I wanted to end it well. I knew I wanted to make this about loving myself more than anything. But, I didn’t know anything else. I started the year working and I worked hard all year round. The past two […]

Here’s the thing — I have been afraid to write here lately. I gave away a chunk of myself when I did my 366-day project last year and I was suddenly confronted by the reality that I had said more than I had expected to. In the time since then, I have written pages and […]

Terrible Weeks Call For Terrible Writing

I have had a terrible week. It was a shitstorm of injuries, adult responsibilities and realising how much distance is just not something I will ever be ready for. I woke up this morning, my eyes swollen from lack of sleep and excessive crying and looked at myself in the mirror. There is a slight […]


I fear the things my heart chases because they might not be good for me. I fear the things my body chases because they might kill me. I fear the things my mind chases because I might lose my will to feel. I might be afraid of the fear that surrounds me suddenly like an […]

शीशे का घर

शीशे के घरों में रहने वालों को पत्थर फेकने का कोई शौक़ नहीं है। घूर घूर के पर्दों के अंदर से जब बहार देखने का मन्न किया तो देखा तुम्हे घूरते हुए। जब बारिश की बूँदें शीशे पर सजी तब देखा तुम्हे बेफ़िक्र उछलते हुए। सूरज की किरणे जब पड़ी रस्ते पर तो उसका भी […]

आगे बढ़ते हैं

Originally posted on Gulposh:
मुझे लगा की तुम चली गयी, गयी तो थी | फिर यहाँ कैसे? सारे रास्ते तुम तक जो थे | तुम्हारा रास्ता ग़लत होगा !! हो सकता है, पर शायद तुम सही थे ||

New words

I saw this word first.  I was just going to leave this here and say something about how I am starting to get really tired of having to defend my feelings and guard them as if they are stepchildren in a Bollywood movie. But, then I saw an update on the same page.     […]