Chaddi buddy

You’re 24. I know it’s an odd number to be dedicating something to you. But, it’s another milestone I am celebrating. It’s been 15 years since we became best friends. Let’s come out and say it. We were best friends the second Ramona ma’am made us sit in the same row in 5th grade. In […]


I love blue. The skies are the wrong shade of blue to everyone else but me. Gloom is probably my most preferred mode of being. But, that day, it’s as if the clouds around my mind drifted as I laid my eyes on him. Now, I am not one for leering at strangers (God, who […]


I wrote this story two years back and completed it this March for a creative writing module at my college in Chennai. The challenge was to write it in 1,100 words. I managed to keep it to 1,082. Phew. Enjoy. When you’re trapped in a room with someone that special after a long wait – […]

Bedtime Stories of Disintegration

This one’s for a certain Ms. Mathur. She needs her bedtime story.  There is no emotion with less clarity than desire. It consumes you completely and renders you crazy, blind and hot all over. You’re burning with anger, with frustration. You’re on your knees with your hands outstretched because you want to touch something absolutely […]

Another Blue Story

She looked at the blue shirt in her cupboard. As it lay aside, kept purposely that way, she thought of all the things she wanted as much as she wanted to wear that right now. She missed everything she did not have and somehow, her mother’s oversize shirt was the one thing she missed and […]

In An Alternate Universe..

“I would be happier.” Isn’t that what we all have always wanted? He did too. In another world, opposites would rule. Sad would be the new happy. Lonely would be the new together. He didn’t know how it made any real sense, all he knew was that he didn’t want to be here. He closed […]

Hello, there.

Have you ever gone to receive someone  at the airport? Or someone from ANYWHERE, really? If not, then allow me to describe the best feeling in the world. There you are. It’s late, it’s late, it’s soooo late. You wait and wait. Look at your watch. Wait some more. Where are you? You remember scenes […]