Things He Told Me – Parts IV, V & VI

The pause between pleasure and pain is more than ecstasy and just a notch below eye-opening heaven. I am sure your heart beats just as mine does, when our fingers and bodies pretend to touch. The world is connected by wires and machines we didn’t built, but are grateful for. The world separates us because […]

Ladylike 101

Who said you’re good enough? You’re not beautiful Well, maybe, if you just tried to walk straight, with your hair straight, always smiling, stomach tucked in with your thighs at a safe distance from each other; But not far enough for someone to make their way through. Why were your legs open? Why was your […]

माँ की गोद में

आज माँ की गोद में सोने का मन सा है। आँखे मूंदते जब कोई सपना आए तो जागने का फ़ायदा क्या? सपनो ने जब बनाया अपना तो दुनिया का फ़ायदा क्या? थक कर लेट जाऊँ उस गोद में जिसमें सुनी लोरियाँ। रंगों से भर लूँ नींद को मैं, धुनें गूँजती हुई आएंगी। सुबह का पता […]

Skin And Bones

I devote myself to you. I have found every bone in my body and every inch of skin on them. This is all the treasure I have in the world to give you. Skin and bones is all we are. If you would, we could fill it up with the air of your words. I’ll […]

Things He Told Me — Part III

I’d say my guilt drives me down the road I’d rather not walk without you. We share the blame of our mistakes. Our selfish needs get in the way. Bodies intertwine in an exchange of words. I give myself away for nothing but a smile. I’d whine but my heart is full. Overflowing as we […]

Things He Told Me — Part II

If someone gave me a time machine — A time machine that worked — I’d probably go back to a night of hushed voices and muffled laughter, The only version of pillow talk we’ve ever known. Being seventeen meant neither you nor I knew any better, But, we were too busy talking to even notice. […]

Things He Told Me — Part I

He told me he likes it when I know what I want And then just go on and do it. For someone whose stubbornness wrote her destiny, I have been led to believe that you cannot want someone stubbornly. That’s not how people work. “It’s not that easy, you know?” I know. But, we’ll pretend […]