(Not) All Too Well

For the first time since the year began, I am sitting down to write about the waves of feelings that I let wash over me in the last six months. I never stopped writing. I wouldn’t have survived without it. But, addressing large emotions hasn’t been easier when I did that with as much clarity […]


I entered the year not knowing what I wanted to do with it. Only that I wanted to end it well. I knew I wanted to make this about loving myself more than anything. But, I didn’t know anything else. I started the year working and I worked hard all year round. The past two […]

Things He Told Me – Parts IV, V & VI

The pause between pleasure and pain is more than ecstasy and just a notch below eye-opening heaven. I am sure your heart beats just as mine does, when our fingers and bodies pretend to touch. The world is connected by wires and machines we didn’t built, but are grateful for. The world separates us because […]

Changing The Way I Look At Love

I have allowed myself to have my heart broken in the same way over and over again for years. You may say there’s a pattern but I will defend myself for a while before I actually agree with you. I have the same excuses too: “They were different people.” “People outgrow each other.” “Priorities change. […]

Chaddi buddy

You’re 24. I know it’s an odd number to be dedicating something to you. But, it’s another milestone I am celebrating. It’s been 15 years since we became best friends. Let’s come out and say it. We were best friends the second Ramona ma’am made us sit in the same row in 5th grade. In […]